Mailing & Fulfilment

Let's get personal!

With us it's personal, we work closely with you to understand your requirements and expectations and then manage the process to meet your deadlines.

We send out personalised direct mail in a wide variety of formats to arrive with your clients on time. If you are considering a direct mail campaign, talk to our sales team who can advise you of the costs and timescales required for the formats you may be thinking about.

BBS are experts in direct mail and fulfilment and can offer you professional help and advice so that you can get the most out of your direct marketing campaigns.

We send out personalised letters

We can personalise your letterheads with your layout which can include any amount of variable text such as a personalised voucher dependent upon spend.

These can be single or double sided and inserted into a variety of different sized envelopes . We have five production lines of high speed laser printers and also four lines of folding and inserting machines that will insert your items into machinable envelopes.

We also have digital printers that will overprint the envelopes with logo's, postage indicia's and return addresses.

We can also organise the printing of your letterheads at very competitive rates.....ask us for a quote!

Wish you were here

If you want your customers to come back and spend more money, why not send them a postcard with a great offer and a call to action and reap the rewards

At BBS our high speed ink-jetting lines can print directly onto postcards sending a personalised message to your clients.

We can also personalise folded postcards and leaflets so you get a lot more message delivered for the same postage. Our sales team can help advise you as to how to maximise the postal system using the best rates.

For the perfect hand finish

We have a hand collation team for building and distributing those complicated mail packs that have to be assembled or just won't go through a machine.

We regularly send out charity moneyboxes with multiple inserts and requests for donations.

We have also packed CD's, DVD's, novelty joke items, ice cream wrappers and ladies underwear for an "Air on a G String mailing"!

If you want to stand out from the competition contact our sales department for more details.

BBS have got it wrapped or naked

If you have got a lot to say and show, then a catalogue is a perfect way to show your customers what's on offer and stimulate your on-line sales.

BBS can help advise you of the most cost effective weights and formats available to get the optimum postage rates.

We can ink jet directly onto your catalogue and dispatch it or if you would prefer we can wrap in polythene for that extra protection.

When wrapping in polythene we can also personalise a carrier sheet if there isn't room on the catalogue to print the name and address.

We send out mail order catalogues either naked or wrapped in bio degradable poly.

Return to sender

A really important part of your campaign is to manage the returns and remove them from your database so these records aren't mailed again. Our returns management service takes care of this and keeps your database up to date

To qualify for Advertising Mail you do need to have a process to manage the returns and whilst it is not rocket science, BBS have the systems, staff and procedures in place to ensure your database is kept fully up to date.

Looking for inspiration

We know it's 6 - 8 times easier to get an existing customer to spend money with you and you know that by keeping in touch with your customers and prospects, they will respond.

Sometimes it's good to bounce ideas off the team at BBS as we have an amazing amount of knowledge and experience and could possibly help you with your next campaign or put you in touch with some creative partners.

Tell us what you are looking to achieve and who you would like to contact, then we can provide counts, costs and some sample mailings to help inspire you.

We can even take care of the print, just leave it to the team at BBS, you will be in great hands!