Postal Discounts

BBS are committed to getting our clients the best postal discounts

BBS have an excellent relationship with both Royal Mail and the Downstream Access Operators and with our 7 figure buying power we have access to some of the best postal rates available.

Using our BBS Sort and Save software, we can quickly analyse a file and once we know the format, weight and timeframe required for your mailing we can let you know the various options for the different services and operators.

BBS can currently offer a bulk mail product for delivery with a DSA operator for less than 20p per item for a 3 day service! contact our sales department for more details. April 2014

What is Down Stream Access

Down stream access also known as DSA provides an alternative to the upstream part of the mailing process. This means that other licensed postal operators can collect bulk mail which they transport to the Royal Mail delivery centres for onward processing and final delivery by Royal Mail.

The DSA operators are often cheaper than Royal Mail by at least 1p per item but this can vary.

BBS can audit your data to to find out the best rates we can get for your campaign

For us to get you the best prices we need to understand the postal profile of your mailing file. The best way is to run your data through our BBS Sort & Save software which will provide a comparison of prices from different operators.

Understanding the data is crucial to getting the best price but we also need to know the following

  • The speed of delivery required - 1st , 2nd or economy
  • The weight of the item in grams
  • The size of the item including the thickness
  • Can the item be barcoded
  • Will it qualify for OCR discounts
  • Description ie letter, flat postcard, folded postcard, catalogue in poly
  • Is it advertising, business or publishing mail
  • Will the mail piece be printed using sustainable materials
  • If you send us your data file along with answers to the above questions, we will then come back to you with our best postage costs

For the latest postal prices contact our sales team on 01829 270714