Ready, Steady, on your Mailmarks......... GO...using BBS Sort & Save Professional

BBS have already dispatched over 400 mailings using the Mailmark barcoding system from Royal Mail. If you are interested in using the new Mailmark system please contact our sales team. We can have a mailing house / mailer mailmark enabled in 1 hour. If you would like more information about our Mailmark software please contact our sales team.

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Optimise your Bulk Mail Discounts

We are a leading Postal Software Developer and BBS now brings to you the latest software for processing Bulk Mail and achieving the best postal discounts including Mailmark. Two versions are available, BBS Sort & Save for processing Royal Mail’s new Bulk Mail portfolio that replaces the Mailsort and Walksort family of products and also BBS Sort & Save Professional that allows you to compare the market for postal discounts with other leading Down Stream Access (DSA) providers

BBS Software

Quite simply the best of breed software for your postal sortation requirements.

The fastest, most accurate and flexible sortation software on the market with excellent support and on-going development. Oh and no silly gimmicks such as free software to try and reel you in, just great software written by experts who also run a mailing house so the software is simply the best!

BBS Sort & Save

Sorts data to achieve Royal Mail Bulk mail discounts for

  • Advertising Mail™ - for all your marketing needs
  • Sustainable® Advertising Mail—reducing the environmental impact of marketing
  • Publishing Mail - for publications and periodicals
  • Business Mail 1st Class- for urgent general correspondence including bills / statements
  • Business Mail - for general correspondence including bills / statements

  • Features Include :

  • Price comparison mode to compare different Royal Mail services and tariffs
  • Supports OCR and Barcoding for machinable mail
  • Can append the Delivery Point Suffix (DPS) to data to help qualify for Barcoding
  • Supports and gives options for Trays and Bags
  • Easy to import data from major file formats
  • Can import up to 25 files at one time
  • Added address improvement functionality built in
  • Case conversion facilities built in
  • Can create salutations for mail merge
  • Connects to Final Labelling machines
  • Hotline telephone support included during office hours

BBS Sort & Save Professional

Includes sortation for the leading Down Stream Access Suppliers and includes Mailmark

bbs dsa logos v7
  • You negotiate your own rates with the DSA providers and edit the price tables with your rates
  • Price comparison feature to compare prices between different operators including Royal Mail
  • Sorts and outputs the data to meet the requirements of your chosen provider
  • Includes options for Zonal DSA
  • Prints DSA Bag Labels using output for standard Final Label machines

For more information contact our Sales Team on 01829 270714

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