Demographic Profiling

CAMEO customer segmentation & analysis for the UK

Knowing 'who' your customers are is not about guesswork. It's about having the right customer analysis and consumer segmentation tools to offer the insights you want. When you need them, BBS can help. Ask yourself these simple questions -:

  • •How can you attract new and profitable customers?
  • •How can you ensure you're marketing the right offer with the right message?
  • •How can you instill loyalty, reduce churn and increase customer value?
  • •How do you know you're positioning your retail outlets in the right place?
  • •How can you plan for the future with confidence?
If you don't know who your customers are, then working with BBS using CAMEO is your key to customer understanding.

CAMEO UK - providing detailed insight into UK consumers

If you need consumer insights to help you find new prospects, maximise customer value or inform planning decisions then you need to add CAMEO UK to your marketing toolkit.

CAMEO UK is a powerful and highly discriminative consumer segmentation tool which classifies every postcode in the UK - all 1.9 million of them - for use in customer profiling, prospect targeting, market analysis and retail planning.

Built using the widest range of consumer datasets available, it utilises over 2 billion items of data to cluster together UK consumers into 57 neighbourhood types and 10 key marketing groups. Together they present a highly detailed and accurate picture of today's UK consumers which can support your analysis, improve your targeting and inform strategic planning decisions.

CAMEO Income - understanding spend capacity through earnings

Household income levels can be highly discriminative when segmenting your customer files, as earnings more often than not impose limits on a consumer's purchasing power and buying behaviour.

CAMEO Income provides a powerful postcode level classification to help you understand your current customers and target or screen prospects based on these insights. It divides the UK consumer universe into 8 income groups which are further broken down into 48 typologies.

As well as data on both individual and household incomes, a wide range of factors have been introduced into the modelling process. These include occupations, directorships, shareholdings, gender, location, part-time working, unemployment levels, tax credits, pension rates and student grants and loans.

By using a range of key government research reports, including the Family Resources Survey (FRS) and the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE), to calibrate the system, we are confident that CAMEO Income provides an accurate and reliable reflection of today's society.

CAMEO Property - assessing house prices across neighbourhoods

A consumer's home is probably the biggest asset they hold. It's also, in many cases, their biggest expense. That's why the value of their property is an important indicator that can help marketers assess their overall level of affluence and likely surplus income.

CAMEO Property has been developed at postcode level to provide an effective way of assessing property prices within a neighbourhood. To do this, we have used a combination of land registry data and council tax bands to categorise every postcode in Great Britain into 1 of 24 property price bands.

Being able to assess neighbourhood property valuations can provide a powerful advantage when trying to familiarise yourself with your customer's wealth profile. This knowledge helps you to better understand what products and services they may be interested in.

It also delivers the insight you need to identify and target prospects who may offer similar revenue and profit potential.

CAMEO Scotland - segmenting Scotland's consumer landscape

If you need to understand your Scottish customers in greater detail then it's easy with CAMEO Scotland. It provides an accurate and robust tool for analysing, segmenting and profiling your customer data.

The CAMEO Scotland classification also offers you the opportunity to identify and find 'look-alike' prospects within the Scottish consumer market. This powerful classification brings together a wide range of consumer datasets to pinpoint and define 46 neighbourhood types and 10 key marketing groups across Scotland.