Mapping and Customer Geography

Where do your clients come from

Where do your clients come from

We can produce drive time information

We can produce drive time information


We can plot your customers on a map and understand where they are coming from. Maps can be scaled from the whole of the UK right down to individual streets and sectors.

The ability to visualise where your customers come from and look at target areas is invaluable for both direct marketing but also with your other marketing spend to make sure its being spent in the correct areas.

Using powerful mapping software from Callcredit enables us to understand the geography of your customers and target markets and we can build localised catchment areas. We can then profile your clients against the local catchment as opposed to the national average and build a far superior profile to those of a national profile.

Density Maps

These maps allow us to look at the hot spots for your customers and these can be aggregated by postal sector, district or area

The red and orange sectors are the strongest areas with the blue areas having the lowest sector penetration.

The density maps help to show up various boundaries such as estuaries but also motorways and other factors.

Detailed Density Maps

We can overlay many different elements such as roads and motorways to help understand exactly where your customers are coming from.

As you can see quite often natural boundaries can make a difference to the catchment area.

These detailed density maps enable us to target the correct postal sectors when looking for new prospects. We have often worked with companies who want to target sectors that these maps prove won't work for them.

Distance Travelled Analysis

Apart from plotting your customers on a map we can also work out the distance travelled from your store using "as the crow flies" analysis.

This may show up some interesting patterns in data and clients are often surprised at how close 80% of their clients are to a store.

We often use the distance travelled analysis as a cut off for mailing people to retail events and this helps to improve the targeting for your direct marketing campaigns.

Drive Time Calculations

We can calculate and plot on a map drive time analysis from any given point and overlay other geographic elements such as the road network and railways.

Drive time can be calculated by what ever periods you require and in addition we can also show maps by a radius or distance from a given point.

This is particularly useful in looking at new store locations and seeing if it will affect other stores or in calculating the overall catchment area.

Postal Sector Analysis

The postal sector reports rank your postal sectors by the number of customers you have in each sector.

These are colour coded to match the areas on the density maps and can be useful to see your market penetration in your area.

These reports are also very useful for selecting other media such as Door to Door services and help to show if your marketing activity is relevant in your local areas.