Opting out of marketing mail that has been posted by BBS

How to opt out

If you’ve received a marketing or advertising letter posted out by BBS on behalf of one of our business clients and you want to opt out of future mailings, it’s very easy.

Simply visit the BBS opt-out webpage at optout.bbsltd.co.uk or

Click here to Opt out now
and enter:
• the first part of the code printed just above your address on the marketing letter, and
• your postcode as shown to the far right of your screen

If you have difficulty finding or using this webpage, you can alternatively email your name and address to optout@bbsltd.co.uk and we will update our records accordingly.

We will act on your instruction to opt out by passing your request to the Data Controller (the advertiser which commissioned the marketing mailing) so that they can update their records, and also by marking your personal data (name and address) as a “do not mail” in our own BBS systems.

If a new mailing has already been prepared at the time you make your opt-out request, you may receive one further letter, but no further advertising mailings will be sent to you in future.

You can also remove your name from a mailing list by returning the original letter by post to the return address on the face of the envelope or postcard. There is no need to use a stamp. Simply cross a line through your name and address, and mark the envelope or postcard “Return to sender” and “Please remove from mailing list” and send it back in the postal system.

Contact our team on 01978 784600 to find out more

How did we obtain your name and address?

You are either a past customer of the business which commissioned the marketing mailing, or you are a potential future customer whose name and address has been legitimately obtained from the Open Electoral Register. Please contact the advertiser directly, using the address or telephone number on the marketing letter, if you wish to identify which category applies to you.

You can opt-out (remove your name) from the Open Electoral Roll by making a request to your local council. This will not affect your voting rights, but may mean you are more difficult to trace for purposes such as identity checks by credit reference agencies, job & property rental applications and some online purchases. It may also hinder other searches such as tracing the beneficiaries of Wills and family history research etc.

Mailing preference service

If you wish to reduce unsolicited marketing mail from any advertiser, for instance because it is addressed to a former occupant of your address, a deceased person or for any other reason, you should consider registering with the Mailing Preference Service (MPS). This is a free service that can be activated by a simple process online at mpsonline.org.uk/consumer/register.

Please note that the MPS will not stop mail that has been sent from overseas, un-addressed material or mail addressed to The Occupier. You should also expect to continue receiving mailings from companies with whom you have done business before and small, local companies. If you wish these mailings to be stopped, you should opt out by notifying these companies directly.