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Quite simply the best of breed software for your postal sortation requirements. The fastest, most accurate and flexible sortation software on the market with excellent support and on-going development. Oh and no silly gimmicks such as free software to try and reel you in, just great software written by experts who also run a mailing house so the software is simply the best!

BBS Sort & Save combines Royal Mail accredited software along with many years of experience. Process your data from the smallest file of a few hundred records up to files containing millions of names and addresses. BBS Sort & Save is packed full of the tools and features you need to maintain complete control of your postal sortation and enable you to output the data required for the optimum postal sortation.

BBS Sort & Save works with the leading postal operators

Best of Breed

Our in-house development team have helped to build what has been widely recognised as the best sortation software on the market today.

Innovative Software

BBS have spent many years developing the most innovative software for postal sortation. As a mailing house we use our practical experience to help model our unique software.

Optimise your postal discounts

BBS Sort & Save allows you to maximise the available postal discounts by comparing plans with different postal operators.

Software or bureau service available

Our software is supplied on an annual license basis but we also provide a rapid turnaround bureau service for those clients with ad hoc mailings who prefer to out source this element of their data processing.

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BBS Sort & Save features include

  • Price comparison between postal operators
  • Generates all 4 mailmark barcodes
  • Mailmark barcode font supplied for your own print composition software
  • Case conversation facilities built in
  • Can create salutations
  • Easy to import data from many file formats
  • On-line updates available
  • Full e-manifest upload system and management of jobs
  • Able to process spoils, split mailings and re-schedule jobs
  • Added address improvement functionality built in
  • Connects to Final Labeling machines
  • Hotline telephone and email support duiring office hours
  • Includes options for both National and Zonal mailings
  • Can append the delivery point suffix (DPS) to your data

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