What We Do

BBS offers you “Best of Breed” with our highly experienced management team.

Established in 1980 BBS has grown into the direct marketing specialists we are known for today. As leading providers of both software and services for direct marketing our team can help you maximise the benefits from direct marketing and our expertise.

BBS has a wide client base and whilst we have some impressive Blue Chip names in our portfolio of clients the majority of the time we work with smaller independently owned businesses predominantly in the business to consumer marketplace especially focusing on furniture, fashion & department stores. Many of our clients are members of AIS or Minerva and we like to work closely with you to ensure we help you get the very best ROI.
We offer Mailing and Fulfilment, Data Cleaning and Management, and can help you to get your mailing items printed. As data experts we can help you to find out more about your client base, understand the demographics and what that means and help you to find more prospects that match your customers where you have been successful.

Mailing & Fulfilment

BBS can produce and fulfil your mailing campaign using the latest equipment to keep your postage costs as low as possible. Whether it's a postcard or a simple letter, through to a complex charity pack that needs assembling prior to packing, BBS can manage it. Using high speed ink jetting machines we can personalise postcards and brochures with your names and addresses and also print the postal barcode to save you more money. Our folding and inserting machines can carefully enclose your letter and any other brochures before we put it into the postal system. Find Out More

New Data / Prospects

BBS have an amazing ability to drill down and really understand your data and this gives us the edge in finding you the best possible prospects. It's very easy to rent prospect data but is it the right data? BBS won't normally supply data until we have fully understood your requirements and really analysed your data. Some of the changes we can make in the selection process can double or triple response rates, and as data experts, we know what to do. Once we have understood your business, your customers and what you are trying to achieve we can then hopefully find the best possible prospects for you at a competitive rate. Find Out More

Sort & Save Software

Our software can help you chose the most competitive service for your mailing. With our software, you can easily compare different services to see the discounts and also compare different postal operators. We can help you to qualify for postal barcoding by appending the DPS and then generating the 4 state barcode for your mail piece. BBS Sort & Save compares the different Royal Mail services, Sort & Save Professional compares Royal Mail and the other DSA Operators such as TNT, UK Mail and Citipost etc. Find Out More

Data Bureau

Data is key to your success and BBS provide an outstanding data bureau service, enabling us to get your data as clean and accurate as possible without duplications. We can provide a data audit where we report back to you on address quality, the number of duplicate records, followed by, if required matches against known goneaway records as well as screening for deceased records etc. We can also provide maps and a demographic profile Find Out More

Competitive Postage

Using our Sort & Save software BBS are committed to getting you the very best possible postage rates for your campaigns within the market. BBS can help advise you about the wide range of services available to you and help you choose the best one for you. In addition to this, BBS have very good buying power with the DSA operators and can help to negotiate the very best postage rates for you. Find Out More

Customer Insight

Using the latest mapping and demographic tools we can help you to understand who and where your customers are. Using the very powerful and accurate Cameo profiling system from Call Credit Group we can match your customers against their massive database and find out the likely attributes your customers have, using a number of different levels including Cameo UK, Cameo Property, Cameo Income, Cameo Investor and Cameo Financial. Find Out More

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Email Marketing

We offer an excellent service for building and broadcasting emails along with full reporting and analysis after the campaign. BBS can manage your email broadcasts, set up your email campaigns and look after the data issues, such as unsubscribes, to make sure you stay compliant. We can link your email campaigns to your postal campaigns to really raise response rates. We can also set up an email system where you can set up your own emails and use our service at very competitive rates. Find Out More

SMS Marketing

Using our Text marketing system, the text will appear as if it’s from your business and not an anonymous number and it will include a facility to opt out and these will then be removed from your SMS database. Our costs include a free reply number, a free unsubscribe facility and a friendly “sent from” name. Your campaign will be broadcast following the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) code of conduct. Find Out More